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Clock winds down for Windows XP holdouts; it’s Vista only after …
Jackson Clarion Ledger – Jackson,MS,USA
If you’re still holding on to Microsoft Windows XP instead of embracing Windows Vista, time is running out on your tight grip. You have 10 days left. …
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Vista Woes: Netizens still love XP platform
Economic Times – Gurgaon,Haryana,India
“People who think that Windows Vista is not so user-friendly and still like to work on Windows XP are welcome,” goes one invitation message. …
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Windows Vista finally made to play nice with Dell printer – Sydney,Australia
By Jonathan Schlaffer Windows Vista has its share of compatibility problems but when a senior Microsoft employee is dispatched to a customer to fix a driver …
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Apple updates Safari for Windows with four security fixes
CNET News – San Francisco,CA,USA
Also, the default download location is changed to the user’s Downloads folder on Windows Vista, and to the user’s Documents folder on Windows XP. …
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Microsoft urges Windows users to shut down Safari
Computerworld – Framingham,MA,USA
In the advisory, Microsoft called out Windows XP — including SP3, the newest service pack — and Windows Vista as vulnerable, as well as Internet Explorer 6 …
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Getting Windows XP From Dell Costs $50 More Than Vista
Mobile Magazine – USA
Well, it’s not completely true that the downgrade costs $50 more, because you still get Windows Vista in the form of installation media in the box. …
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Dell Appeases Customer Demands to Downgrade Vista, But Hits Them …
DailyTech – Chicago,IL,USA
Microsoft is making the full line of Windows ® Vista the primary operating system for new PCs. However, customers who are buying a new PC have an …
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Platform Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista
Computeractive – London,UK
If you can see another Skype user online, you can request a text-based chat, in the same manner as you would through Windows Live Messenger or similar …
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Windows Vista Hacked Using Flash Flaw
NewsOXY – Orlando,FL,USA
A Windows Vista laptop was comprised by hackers Shane Macaulay, Derek Callaway and Alexander Sotirov at the CanSecWest conference. …
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Microsoft extends life of MSN Music tunes – Southborough,MA,USA
PlaysForSure DRM, which Microsoft has renamed "Certified for Windows Vista" has a set of Byzantine rules for how content can be burned to CDs and shared …
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Man gets Windows Vista to work with printer
By Michael Moncur
Man gets Windows Vista to work with printer – Why does The Onion still exist when headlines like this appear in real newspapers? –

Turning Ready Boost Feature in Windows Vista
By magakos(magakos)
Windows Vista introduces a special feature called Windows ReadyBoost, a new technique in which adding more physical memory to a computer. When you insert a compatible portable storage device in the USB port or firewire port in your …
Tips and Hacks –

Which video card is better for Leopard, Windows Vista and Linux
By hajime
The ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT 256MB which came with the standard system or the NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT 512MB? Which card is compatible with Leopard, Windows Vista and Linux? I don’t want to have driver problems. If you have suggestions on …
Mac Forums –

Top 10 Tips to make Windows Vista Hight Performance
By Myhouse
Windows Vista is a great looking operating system with some awesome features, but it can be slow, unless you’ve got a hugely powerful PC to run it. For most computers however, a few quick Vista tweaks can make a massive difference in …
PC Tips for khmer… –

Man Gets Windows Vista to Work with Printer
The core of the story is that a man couldn’t get his printer to work with Windows Vista, and ultimately, with the help of a Microsoft test manager, solved the problem warranting an article about it.
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