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A Conference Cynic Gets A TechEd Boost
InfoWorld – San Francisco,CA,USA
I sat in on a session by Doug Spindler called "Why IT Pros Will Want to Deploy Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 NOW!," which was an excellent …
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Microsoft Abandons Internet Explorer 8 Development for Firefox 3
BBSpot (satire) – Ann Arbor,MI,USA
Ballmer said that Firefox 3.0 will be the standard browser included with Windows 7 installations along and will replace Internet Explorer 7 on Windows Vista …
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Must have utilities on a Windows machine!
TechWhack (press release) – New Delhi,Delhi,India
Download MS Paint is a disappointment even in Windows Vista. Get this freeware replacement for MS Paint! Download Windows Live Photo Gallery is nice, …
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Mobile Trade Me errors
Geekzone – New Zealand
AKC on Windows Vista Defrag: dumbed-down interface: just in VISTA for real GEEKSnothing works until you write programs for it… Don J. Signori on Windows …
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Mid-year mini-laptops under scrutiny
Reseller News – New Zealand
And if the machine you’re considering tries to combine anything less than a full-fledged notebook’s guts with Windows Vista, think twice and then move …
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Info @ Net:
Daily Times – Lahore,Pakistan
And it comes with a beautiful new graphical design for Windows Vista! PowerUp 3 comes with a package of professionally tuned profiles for a variety of …
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Microsoft Origami Experience 2.0
SlashGear – Scottsdale,AZ,USA
Microsoft Origami Experience 2.0 combines four programs that make your ultra-Mobile PC (UMPC) running Windows Vista even easier to use. …
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Solutions: It’s time to choose Windows Vista over XP – St. Petersburg,FL,USA
… I am buying my daughter a PC for college and some discussion has arisen about whether to buy with the latest version of Windows XP or Windows Vista. …
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4 Ways to Make UAC Less Annoying on Windows Vista
By The Geek
The single biggest irritation in Windows Vista is the UAC (User Account Control) system, especially for people that do a lot of tweaking. When you are trying to make configuration changes, it seems like every couple of seconds you are …
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Windows Vista Answers to Frequently Asked Questions – Part II
CREATE / CHANGE DISK PARTITIONS – Previously Windows XP required 3rd party programs to change disk partitions "on the fly" — but Windows Vista has this feature built-in. It’s a bit complicated, so I’ll leave those instructions to …
The Road to Know Where –

Constant problem with my Printer and Windows Vista
By annamarie
Two months ago I bought a PC with Windows Vista. I wanted the Windows XP ready Vista but HP did not have it. Anyway, my HP printer is an Officejet 4315v all-in one, works at time, and at times it doesn’t. When I need it the most it does …

RC versions of Windows Vista SP1 will expire on June 30 …
By ShaDow(ShaDow)
If you want to install the final SP1 build after uninstall is complete, first check Windows Update. If Windows Update offers you SP1, that’s the best way to install. If Windows update does not offer SP1 your computer may have one of the …
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5118AL Maintaining and Troubleshooting Windows Vista Computers
By alx(alx)
Overview of Troubleshooting Hardware; Dealing with Physical Failures; Dealing with Device Driver Failures; Troubleshooting Printing in Windows Vista; Troubleshooting BitLocker-Protected Computers. Lab 2-1: Troubleshooting Hardware …
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