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Coding Around UAC’s Security Limitations
Slashdot – USA
That Windows Vista’s improved security model is nothing more than a series of obstacles that in reality only make it more difficult for honest ISVs to …
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Apple Boot Camp Updates Windows XP, Vista
NewsOXY – Orlando,FL,USA
Apple Boot Camp update was released in three variants to support Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista 32-bit and Windows Vista 64-bit. …
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jkOnTheRun – Houston,Texas,USA
I bought the Q1UP-XP which had Microsoft Windows XP Tablet Edition pre-installed and 1 GB of RAM. The Q1UP-V will of course sport Microsoft Windows Vista, …
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Windows ME proves itself as worst against Vista and all others – Sydney,Australia
I promise this will be the last post on the Windows Vista vs Windows ME on the “which is worst” topic because I think that’s been solved. …
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Platform: Windows 2000,Windows XP,Windows XP Server,Windows Vista …
PC Authority Business Centre – McMahons Point,NSW,Australia
Although there are many websites that host blogs, using your own internet account ensures you get the address you want. The WordPress software is exactly …
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Details On Windows XP SP3 Leaked
Slashdot – USA
Quoting: “We were the first to break the news on the release of Windows Vista Service Pack 1 and the final RTM schedule of Windows XP Service Pack 3. …
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Windows XP Service Pack 3 -FAQ- (April 29th)
Cubed3 – UK
With Windows XP, however, Microsoft was forced to temporarily halt development on XP’s successor, Windows Vista, in order to complete XP SP2. …
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Windows Vista SP1 reaches the masses – UK
Vista Service Pack 1 promises improved performance and stability, along with a cumulative security update. A company spokesperson told that the …
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Windows Vista Activator 2007
By admin
Windows Version to Activate 1. Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate Edition 2. Microsoft Windows Vista Business Edition 3. Microsoft Windows Vista Starter Edition 4. Microsoft Windows Vista Enterprises Edition 5. Microsoft Windows Vista … –

Affiliate Review:Ubuntu 8.04 vs. Windows Vista Power Usage
We had used an old desktop system in that comparison and Ubuntu 7.10 was consuming the most power while idling but Fedora 8 Test 3 had consumed the least amount of power and had beat out both Windows XP and Vista. …
Apex Community Forums –

How to Live with Windows Vista Home Basic (If you have to)
By n74jw
Most tech consumers know by now that Microsoft released Windows Vista in several versions. The ‘Home Basic’, ‘Home Premium’ and ‘Ultimate’ versions were aimed at consumers. Home Basic (VHB) is not the most Spartan of versions in the …
Jay’s Weblog –

What’s the truth about Windows XP demand?
By Dwight
Taking advantage of the “downgrade rights” offered as part of the Windows Vista license agreement, Hewlett-Packard and Dell both plan to offer machines loaded with XP well beyond June. Technically, the computers will be Vista Business …
TechBlog –

Windows Vista Tips For New Users
By Beth Blecherman
I had the fabulous opportunity to spend time with a Microsoft techie who took time away from Web 2.0 Expo to sit down and discuss my Windows Vista questions. I was another one of those Windows XP fans that reluctantly upgraded to Vista …
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