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HP, Lenovo join Dell in extending Windows XP
I wrote about Dell’s downgrade program in a post earlier this week (Windows Vista just can’t catch a break). It looks like Dell may have started something. …
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Extreme XP Makeover: Vista Edition
TechNewsWorld – Sherman Oaks,CA,USA
By Jay Dougherty Windows Vista’s high resource demands have left some users longing for the good old days of XP. A few have even gone so far as to take a …
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PC makers find ways to extend XP’s life
CNET – San Francisco,CA,USA
Taking advantage of the “downgrade rights” offered as part of the Windows Vista license agreement, Hewlett-Packard and Dell both plan to offer machines …
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Vista adoption going up but revenues going down for Microsoft – Sydney,Australia
By Jonathan Schlaffer Windows Vista is costing Microsoft both time and money. That money is in the form of losses due to lawsuits (mostly court fees so far) …
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Vista and XP square off for users’ hearts, minds
The Wenatchee World Online – Wenatchee,WA,USA
By Lou Dolinar No wild-eyed Linux hackers, these guys: Now, at a recent conference in Las Vegas, analysts from the respected Gartner Group say Windows Vista …
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Microsoft’s piracy problem could grow
CNET – San Francisco,CA,USA
With Windows Vista, Microsoft took an extremely tough stand on piracy. Computers that were not properly activated within a short period of time went into a …
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Hackers Focus Efforts on Firefox, Safari
PC World – USA
Safari 3.1 patches 13 holes affecting Mac OS X, Windows XP, and Windows Vista. Think you’re safe because you don’t have Safari? …
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Zero-Day Vulnerability Reported in Apple’s QuickTime for Windows …
InformationWeek – Manhasset,NY,USA
“The vulnerability was successfully tested in Windows XP SP2 and Windows Vista SP1 environments,” Petkov said, adding that other versions of QuickTime are …
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Dell promises to protect business customers’ right not to use Vista
BetaNews – USA
“Dell has the ability to exercise ‘Windows Vista downgrade rights’ on your behalf in the factory if your business is still reliant upon Windows XP and you’d …
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Is Vista to blame for Windows revenue drop?
Computerworld – Framingham,MA,USA
One analyst argued that the decline is more evidence that the company is having trouble convincing users of Windows Vista’s value. …
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Windows Vista plays to a captive audience
By Jonathan Schlaffer
It’s not secret that when you buy a new computer today you have no choice but to get it with Windows Vista; unless you buy a Mac or buy/build a Linux System. For the most part, the average consumer will buy a computer and most of those … –

Comment on Assignment 1 by christinegardner3
By christinegardner3
sorry to see cnet classes ending they helped me with my new vista will miss them.thanks christine.
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Missing Hibernate on Windows Vista
By -=sLaVeZero=-
OK here is the explanation, the Hybrid Sleep on Windows Vista feature puts the computer to sleep and generates a hibernation file when the user chooses the Sleep option in any of the power option menus. Therefore, Hibernate does not …
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Few minor problems with Windows Vista
By (freeze_sr)
But in Vista you have to use the mouse, any way of changing it? 5. When I plug in any USB storage device, My Windows Media Player switches to ‘Library’ from ‘Now Playing’. This occurs in my XP too, and all the PCs I have tried it on. 6. …
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Windows Vista Portable Edition (Wisbar)
Windows Vista Portable Edition [QVGA]_Icon (6.37 MB) – Today. Windows Vista Portable Edition [QVGA]_Patch (3.27 MB) – Today. Windows Vista Portable Edition [QVGA]_Skin (4.67 MB) – Today …
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