Is the Windows Vista Ultimate a point of issue with you?  If it is your not alone.  Many of us got the Ultimate version of Vista in order to get all of the extras that were being talked about when the new operating system was announced.

The trickle of extras has been very slow since Vista’s release in January 2007 and only  handful of them have been made available since then.

Well the trickle picked up a little bit of pace yesterday with the release of a couple of extra additions.

This release includes two new sound schemes and three new DreamScene videos for your desktop.

Long Zheng has put together a short video to highlight the different sounds in the new schemes compared to the default Windows Vista sounds.  You can watch it here – Ultimate Extra Sound Schemes – A Comparison.


The website has a good comparison of the sound schemes as well – this one is a text explanation of the differences instead of using their sounds.


The other extra that was published yesterday is three new videos to use on your desktop for full motion video wall paper:


The Windows Vista Blog has more details.

And be sure you keep your eyes on for more Ultimate Extra news in future as well as hot Ultimate Exclusives for Windows Vista Ultimate users.

Let’s hope this is the case.

Other sites that are talking about the new extras: