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Vista is the future; time to just let XP go
Evansville Courier & Press (subscription) – Evansville,IN,USA
The amount of innovation between Vista and XP is no less. Vista introduced improved search and browsing support in the Windows shell, improved stability and …
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Ballmer: Vista a ‘work in progress’
Seattle Post Intelligencer – USA
By TODD BISHOP Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer called Windows Vista “a work in progress” on Thursday, but he stopped short of committing to extend …
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Microsoft’s Ballmer gives unvarnished take on Windows, online …
Seattle Times – United States
Ballmer gave a muted report on Windows Vista — the company’s flagship operating system product — which, according to some analysts, faces a make-or-break …
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Steve Ballmer: Windows Vista is a “work in progress”
Ars Technica – Boston,MA,USA
Here is the most important part: Windows Vista: A work in progress. [Laughter, applause.] A very important piece of work, and I think we did a lot of things …
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Forrester’s advice: Don’t skip Vista
InfoWorld – San Francisco,CA,USA
By John Fontana, Network World Companies should think twice about skipping Windows Vista and should get started sooner rather than later on updating their …
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Macs Run Windows Vista Better Than PCs, Popular Mechanics Says So
InformationWeek – Manhasset,NY,USA
By Antone Gonsalves The Apple Mac runs Windows Vista better than a PC, according to a shootout conducted by Popular Mechanics magazine. …
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Mac Clone Maker Psystar Also Offers Ubuntu, XP And Vista
InformationWeek – Manhasset,NY,USA
The company claims it will ship either with a choice of pre-installed operating systems that includes Ubuntu Linux 8.04, Windows Vista, Windows XP or …
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Windows Vista Service Pack 1: Not for the Impatient
Washington Post – United States
Microsoft has released a bundle of security and stability updates for Windows Vista users. What follows is a long-overdue primer on this package of goodies …
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Personal Technology Microsoft’s Windows XP May Stay Alive – USA
Either way, by April 14, 2009, Windows XP will begin an “extended support” period that will last for five years. XP’s successor, Windows Vista, …
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Apple Macs run Windows Vista less awfully than PCs
MacDailyNews – USA
In our speed trials, however, Leopard OS trounced Vista in all-important tasks such as boot-up, shutdown and program-launch times. We even tested Vista on …
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Windows Vista Ultimate Helpful Hints Guide from Microsoft
Check out this how-to booklet from Microsoft about Windows Vista Ultimate available as a free PDF download (17 pages, 8.98 MB). Its fully illustrated booklet in color covering the following contents:. Getting Started . …
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Windows Vista is laughing at me…
By cgomez
Windows Vista keeps, or more specifically explorer.exe drops my network transfers, how can I fix this or what is the best Explorer replacement? Also, how can I make Windows Server 2008 more useful on the small scale (more inside of …
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How to activate Windows Vista
By Ray W.
Activation is required in all versions of Windows Vista. After you install Windows Vista, you have 30 days to activate it online or by telephone. If the 30-day activation period expires before you complete the activation, Windows Vista …
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Windows Vista Secrets
By ganelon
Go beyond Microsoft’s Help guide and discover the true secrets of Windows Vista that are essential to power users. Written by two of the most recognized Windows authorities, this resource provides you with numerous tips, tricks, …
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Vista, XP and Seven – To Be or Not To Be
By kc8emh
Despite all of the scathing reviews of Windows Vista, I felt I needed to experience it first hand before I could formulate an opinion about it. Being a Computer Repair/Troubleshooter Tech here in my area, I needed to know it, …
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