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Windows Vista UAC Meant To “Annoy Users” – Lake Oswego,OR,USA
By Christopher Nickson Anyone who uses Windows Vista has come across it, even if you didn’t know it had a new. It’s the prompt that pops up when you want to …
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Sharp Willcom D4 is first Intel Atom MID running Windows Vista
Sharp announces the Mobile Internet Device Willcom D4, which is apparently beating everybody else to be the first Intel Atom MID running Windows Vista. …
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All about DirectX 10
Atomic – Australia
Boyd: We took a dramatic new approach with DirectX 10 in Windows Vista, rebuilding it from the ground up in order to provide a rich, incredibly detailed …
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Microsoft patched critical Windows bug in XP SP3 early
Computerworld – Framingham,MA,USA
Nearly two months before, some Windows Vista users experienced similar endless rebooting after an update designed to prepare machines for the upcoming …
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Platform: Windows 2000,Windows XP,Windows Vista
PC Authority Business Centre – McMahons Point,NSW,Australia
Security must not be a privilege. Under this motto, Emsi Software provides the Malware scanner a-squared Free completely free of charge for private use. …
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Windows XP fans don’t want it to XPire
As of last month, XP had 73.59 percent of the operating system market, and Vista had 14.02 percent. “Windows Vista has been dogged by the traditional early …
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Microsoft: We Created UAC To Annoy Users
eFluxMedia – USA
During RSA Conference, David Cross, a product unit manager at Microsoft acknowledged that one of the most annoying Windows Vista’s feature, User Account …
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Infibia Easy Tools for Vista (exe)
TechRepublic – Louisville,KY,USA
The program identifies problems and repairs your Windows Vista by itself. No learning curve. High ease of use. 10 easy to use tools for Windows Vista that …
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Microsoft Windows ‘in danger of collapsing’
Peninsula On-line – Qatar
Windows Vista, the latest version, has 50 million lines of code, more than double the number of the 1996 version of the software. Microsoft’s focus on newer …
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Ask Dave Taylor: Gambling with extended warranties
Daily Camera – CO,USA
I installed Windows Vista on my Mac PowerBook using Apple’s Boot Camp program and it all installed and went great. In fact, it’s so well installed that I …
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Windows Vista UAC Meant To “Annoy Users”
Microsoft deliberately designed the User Account Control prompts in Windows Vista to annoy people, the company admits – but there’sa good reason for it.
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Windows Vista
By kanebt
KaneBT Windows Vista Tweaks, Tutorials, Themes, Skins & More!
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Rave BE and Windows Vista
By thomas pfister(thomas pfister)
I received last week an email about problems with Rave BE and Windows Vista. I installed a version of Vista in VMWare and then Delphi with Rave BE. Rave Version 8 (it should be available in the next few days! …
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Windows Vista Copy Protection Cracked
By ShaDow(ShaDow)
More than a year after Windows Vista was introduced, hackers have finally developed a clean crack of Windows Vista. There have been a variety of workarounds for Vista’s copy protection before now, but this is the first time someone has …
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Comment on Assignment 5 by Joseph .O. Oladimejidimej
By Joseph .O. Oladimejidimej
With also the User Account Control which blocks certain table until you permit it. There is also Windows defender, also have Windows XP’s built – in firewall for outbound protection. Vista’s security features can be turn on and off for …
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