sidebarshotWhen Windows Vista came out one of the many features that was touted included the sidebar.  This window sits on your desktop with a plethora of applications – better known as gadgets available to run in it.    There are currently over 2,200 gadgets listed at the Microsoft’s Live Gallery.

When I was running only one monitor on my home computer I messed around with the sidebar but it never stayed on the desktop for long.  For the last 5 months or so I have had a two monitor setup and the sidebar has found a permanent home on my setup.

What I would like to do is share what gadgets have earned a piece of the sidebar – there are 5 permanent ones and one that I have just stuck on there to check it out.

From the top to the bottom:

    1. Vista Orb Clock 
    2. Windows Sidebar Weather Gadget (comes with Vista)
    3. Woot
    4. All CPU Meter (Quad Core or Dual Core and RAM)
    5. Network Traffic
    6. Indexer Status Gadget

So what do you have on your sidebar?  Feel free to post links to a picture in the comments.