I love it when elements of my geekness cross paths with other areas of my life which have absolutely nothing to do with computers, etc.

Yesterday I attended the beginning of the Rolex 24 Hour Race at Daytona International Speedway with a friend.  After spending a few hours walking around the garages, pit road and the fan zone (amazing how much access they allow you to have) we went to  watch the start of the race from the portion of the track called the Western Horseshoe.

Well as the cars were zipping around I noticed that one of them had a Windows Vista Orb on the side and so I tried to get a good picture of it from that spot and missed it.

However, just before we left for the day we were at Turn 4 of the speedway and I was just snapping shots as cars came by during a race caution and I got a couple of great shot of the Windows Live Search car as it went by.




The team is called Team Seattle. The sponsorship by Microsoft certainly makes sense considering where they are based.

Another mingling of technologies is that I used SnapFoo.com to post pictures throughout the day.  You can see all of them at the above link.  I will posting some additional photos later today that I took with my Blackjack and did not upload initially.  By the way, if your interested I have a few invites to SnapFoo.com – just leave a comment and I will give them out until they are gone.