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Monday - October 2nd, 2023

Observed Tech PODCAST Episode 80

Welcome to Episode 80 where we bring you some more Surface Love on this Valentine’s Day edition of the show. We kick off discussing release day for Surface Pro and some of the inventory challenges that were experienced around the country for its debut. We then highlight some cool tweaks for your Surface devices that will give you extra rows of Start Screen tiles on your machines and then we dig into news from the past week. Amongst those stories we mention tips for up and coming app developers, comparing storage space between a 128GB Surface Pro and 128GB MacBook Air and the latest big name app to arrive on Windows Phone – Spotify. There is also word of some significant issues discovered this week with the new iOS 6.12 update that was released to Apple users and a couple of very popular Reddit Ask Me Anything with SpaceX and Bill Gates. We have some updated numbers on Xbox’s progress over the last several months, the retirement of Windows Live Mesh, Home Depot dropping over 10,000 Blackberry devices as they move to the iPhone, some great Windows Phone tips, fixing the jumping laptop cursor bug and updates for your Surface RT including a firmware fix. After that we hit on the remaining items of interest including Dropbox going Enterprise, Microsoft being ready for screens of all sizes according to their CFO and Amazon beating out Apple for the company with the top corporate reputation. As always enjoy the show and thanks for listening!

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Observed Tech PODCAST Episode 73

Welcome to Episode 73 of the show. We once again streamed the recording live over a Google+ Hangout to YouTube and we added a chat room on our Live Events page so you can join in. You will find the latest live stream embedded on that page along with the chat room. Lots of stuff to cover today including Instagram having a class action lawsuit filed against them concerning recent terms of service changes they were making; SpaceX’s Grasshopper leaps to 140 feet; Microsoft and Google with the Battle of the Santa Trackers; Windows 8 PC sales lagging behind Windows 7; Amazon’s skyrocketing growth; Steven Sinofsky gets a teaching gig after Microsoft; top Twitter trends of 2012; HTC 8X Camera guide; Xbox Live games with achievements on iOS devices now; a trio of shout outs for links and mentions of WindowsObserver.com; Windows Phone growing globally and especially in Italy; learn Windows 8 from an 11 year old salesman; moving from Windows Live Mesh to SkyDrive; Facebook privacy settings and Randi Zuckerberg; File History in Windows 8 for backup; MVP technology and community in 2012; Boost Mobile to begin throttling data users; first MKV video player in Windows Store; Audible arrives in Windows Store with free audio book; Facebook to allow people to send you unsolicited inbox messages; last minute gift ideas; Nokia building a Windows RT tablet; Flickr gives a gift to everyone; Instagram alternatives on Windows Phone; Tweetro+ gets a holiday mark down; Kindle App for Windows Store updated and allows in app purchasing; Microsoft continues retail expansion with more Microsoft Stores and WindowsObserver.com’s Christmas Tech Hangout on Saturday, 29 Dec 2012 at 9 AM EST. Enjoy the show and as always thanks for listening!

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