Sync Internet Explorer Favorites with New SkyDrive App


One of the nice features of Windows Live Mesh was the option to sync your Internet Explorer Favorites between different machines that were running Windows Live Mesh.  With today’s announcement of the release of the new SkyDrive App and the ultimate demise of Windows Live Mesh it seems as if that ability was lost because that feature was not an integral part of the new SkyDrive program.

However, using the Target destination of the IE Favorites folder in your user directory you can designate a different location to store the IE Favorites and use the new SkyDrive App installed on your machine to sync your IE Favorites across multiple machines.

Here is a walk through video of the process:

Any questions just let us know.

4 thoughts on “Sync Internet Explorer Favorites with New SkyDrive App

  1. I was trying this on Vista for several times now. With IE 9 on Vista, I can save bookmarks; but I can’t see them (and any bookmarks I have from another computer) from the browser. Help?

  2. Richard, great little tutorial. It was one of those Duh! moments for me when you illustrated how easy it is… Thanks!! Now why isn’t MS marketing the heck out of this??????

    • Well in Windows 8 the IE Favorites sync as part of the overall system sync so this becomes unnecessary for that OS.

      I am sure this is an unsupported way to sync other systems/OS’s so that maybe why they are not promoting it.

      I like it and it works well like you said.  Thanks for the comment.

  3. Dear Richard,
    Firstly, sorry for my english :)! Secondly, if I do EXACTLY the same as you do, my Favorites (or others, like Pictures or Documents etc…) are gone from their current location, and MOVING to the SkyDrive folder. Why? If I am right, this video shows a trick, to make the skydrive works like the live mesh. So how could i do that my folders stay where they are now, but being sync?