One of the great benefits of the Your Phone app for Windows 10 is that you can use your full size keyboard and screen for texting contacts.

I use this feature quite often and earlier this week, I was doing just that when I suddenly became aware of a new entry in the left hand sidebar of the app:

Your Phone App Sidebar Menu
Your Phone App Sidebar Menu

News of this feature, which provides you the ability to view and clear notifications from your phone, was coming to the Your Phone app but the roll out was initially limiting its availability to end users. So while I was checking for it when I thought about it – its sudden appearance was a nice surprise.

Setting up the feature is very similar to providing permissions for Your Phone to access other content on your mobile device like  text messages, images, and screen mirroring. Just grant those permissions and make sure the toggles are turned on in Settings and you will be on your way.

Although the notifications in the Your Phone app are not actionable, when you clear them they are also removed from your mobile devices notifications to keep things in sync. This is perfect for me as I work at a desktop computer most of the day and my Galaxy S9+ sits on the desk idle because I access most of my stuff through the main desktop. So clearing notifications is very helpful.

Imagine the possibility of clicking on one of those notifications in the Your Phone app and it mirrors the screen of your mobile device to interact with the notification in the app on your phone? How handy would that be for taking care of business throughout your day? The Your Phone team talks about these features enabling you to leave your phone in your pocket or on the desk and that would truly be a great ecosystem.

However, right now access to some of these features are limited by hardware but once this app is updated to work with a wider range of devices on both the Windows 10 and mobile side (Android and iOS), it is really going to be fun having this capability. 

Check out the screenshots from the updated app below.

Your Phone Notifications Screenshots

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