It has been a few years since I was regularly posting theme based wallpaper collections here at the site.

When I was actively sharing these themes through the Downloads site, I would post three different downloads. Those downloads would consist of themepacks for Windows 7 and Windows 8. As you might recall, the format of the Windows Themepack file changed between Windows 7 and Windows 8 so it was necessary to post both. In addition, I would also post a folder containing the wallpapers included in those themepacks.

As I was recently cleaning up my downloads and themes collection, I decided to pull the specific themepacks and stick with the wallpaper collection download. This gives you greater flexibility on where you use those images whether you are on PC, Mac, or Linux.

So as you browse the downloads section of the site you will see this shift in the listings. I added several new collections over the last week and wanted to highlight them here. As new collections are added in the future, I will write them up so you will see what has been added right away.

Note: If you have any ideas for wallpaper collections just let me know.

Windows Vista

Windows Vista OS (Wallpapers) (272 downloads)

Windows 7

Windows 7 OS (Wallpapers) (275 downloads)

Windows 8

Windows 8 OS (Wallpapers) (185 downloads)

National Geographic Auroras

NatGeo Aurora (Wallpapers) (138 downloads)

National Geographic Cities at Night

NatGeo Cities at Night (Wallpapers) (235 downloads)

National Geographic Dark Sky

NatGeo Sky at Night (Wallpapers) (192 downloads)

National Geographic Best of 2013

NatGeo Best of 2013 (Wallpapers) (122 downloads)

National Geographic Best of 2014

NatGeo Best of 2014 (Wallpapers) (121 downloads)

National Geographic Best of 2015

NatGeo Best of 2015 (Wallpapers) (140 downloads)

National Geographic Best of 2016

NatGeo Best of 2016 (Wallpapers) (185 downloads)

National Geographic Best of 2017

NatGeo Best of 2017 (Wallpapers) (261 downloads)

You can check out all the other wallpaper collections, which include images from my own camera, NASA, Bing, and others. I will also be expanding these categories as I once again begin building the collection.


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