The Microsoft Sticky Notes app upgrade that was part of the still to be released Windows 10 October 2018 Update, continues to be very popular among testers. As it has expanded to all Windows 10 users, it continues to grow in both popularity and functionality.

With key features such as fast cross platform/device syncing of your notes, a new dark mode that uses your system default settings, and multiple customization options such as sticky note color and the use of Insights to create links to things such as addresses, websites, and phone numbers make it a very handy tool.

Although it uses OneNote as its backend for synching your sticky notes, it stands alone in providing a fast and easy way to get information from one device or another. Even with the new Windows 10 Cloud Powered Clipboard, Sticky Notes helps me share short tidbits of information quickly between Windows 10 devices, mobile devices (iOS & Android), Outlook (web & desktop client), plus as of this week – via the web.

I mentioned that Sticky Notes uses OneNote for all of the synching activity but the interface to the app is so much lighter and quicker to access than the standard OneNote UI, that this method of saving notes is way more efficient and a real timesaver.

Sticky Notes on the  web are located at

This is most definitely a near perfect implementation of sticky notes for the connected world. Check out the screenshots below of Sticky Notes on the web to see how the UI looks when you use the service via your web browser.

Sticky Notes on the Web Screenshot Gallery

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