Although Microsoft’s preference would be that you wait for their staged rollout of the October 2018 Update to land on your device through automatic updates, the reality is that many enthusiasts and advanced users want to go ahead and grab the latest update to Windows 10 right now.

Luckily, that is possible thanks to a few different options.

Option 1 – Manual Windows Update Check

If your current installation of Windows 10 is fully serviced, in other words it is running Windows 10 Version 1803 (April 2018 Update) and has the latest updates installed including monthly security and cumulative updates, then you can go into Windows Settings > Update & Security and manually check for updates. Your device should pick up the October 2018 Update, labelled in Windows Update as the Feature update to Windows 10, version 1809, and begin the download and install process.

Option 2 – Media Creation Tool (MCT)

The MCT will give you a couple of options when you run the tool. Perform a direct upgrade of the device where you downloaded and started the tool, create an installation USB flash drive to use on that same device or others, and an option to download and save an ISO of the Windows 10 October 2018 Update.

This one is handy if you are on limited bandwidth with multiple devices that need the update. This allows one download and multiple uses including offline devices.

Option 3 – Update Assistant

The Update Assistant is a direct upgrade from your current install of Windows 10 to the October 2018 Update. There are no ISO downloads or USB installation flash drive creation options.

Option 4 – Other Downloads

If you are a Visual Studio subscriber (formerly know as MSDN Downloads) the October 2018 Update is already available for download on that site. For Volume Licensing customers, the October 2018 Update will become available in the coming weeks at the Volume Licensing Servicing Center (VLSC).

Whatever path you take to getting the October 2018 Update installed on your devices, be sure to check for app updates in the Microsoft Store after the upgrade as there will be several waiting for you that are being released alongside this feature update.

Let us know if you went looking for the update and how the process went for you. Plus, we would like to hear what your favorite new feature/app is in the October 2018 Update. There are quite a few to choose from and for me it is the new Snip & Sketch tools, the Your Phone app, and new Storage Sense file management options.

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