After years of not having an official podcasts app on Android, Google has now released a new app with access to a huge library of podcasts.

The app is integrated with the Google Assistant so you can easily play your podcasts and others through your handset or Google Home.

Google Assistant on Samsung S9 Plus
Google Assistant on Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

Using the recommended commands, I can get Observed Tech to play on my Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus as shown above. However, it will not come up on the Google Home Mini and indicates it is either not available or is just not playable yet. It is possible that everything is still coming together so I will continue to test this each day.

Download the Google Podcast App from the Google Play Store and then click this subscription link to add Observed Tech to your list of shows on the app.

Observed Tech PODCAST Listing on Google Podcasts App
Observed Tech PODCAST Listing on Google Podcasts App

As always and no matter what platform – thanks for listening.

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