Late last week Microsoft released Windows 10 Redstone 4 Build 17128 to Windows Insiders in the Fast Ring.

The company made a point in the release notes to let everyone know that this is not the final build of the next feature update for Windows 10. It was necessary for them to make this point because this build is the first one to go public without the ever present watermark in the lower right corner of the desktop screen.

According to Microsoft they are in the final stages of wrapping up development on this update so additional builds or patches are very likely before it is made generally available in April.

While these recent builds lack any major new features since the focus is on stabilizing the final code, there was a new app announced by the Windows team that will be part of the Redstone 4 feature update when it comes out.

The new Cortana Show Me app will be your built in guide on how to do various tasks on your Windows 10 system. Of course, she will talk you through each of them and use the actual settings area of your system to show you how things are done.

When you start a show me activity she will lay things out for you and then go step by step to show you how to accomplish that task. Once she has started you can pause her along the way by just moving the mouse on your system. At that point you can either choose to continue or end the tutorial. If you end the tutorial you will find your Windows Settings app open t the very spot she was showing you about in the tutorial. From that point you can go ahead and complete the task or just close the Windows Settings app down and continue with what you were doing.

This initial release only has 15 activities but Microsoft plans to add more in the near future.

Right now you will find tutorials in the Cortana Show Me app for the following categories:

  • System
    • Change power settings
    • Change display brightness
    • Change screen resolution
    • Find your version of Windows
  • Devices
    • Add printer or scanner
    • Discover Bluetooth devices
  • Network & Internet
    • Change Wi-Fi settings
    • Turn on airplane mode
  • Personalization
    • Change your background
  • Apps
    • Change default programs
    • Check if an app is installed
    • Uninstall apps
  • Update & Security
    • Run a security scan
    • Turn off Windows Defender
    • Update Windows

As you can see, power users will not get much benefit from the Cortana Show Me app but this is going to be a great learning resource for your everyday Windows 10 users like your aunt, uncle, grandparents, etc.

Here are some screenshots of the app as it is right now:

The Cortana Show Me app is available for download and install from the Microsoft Store.