Home security is becoming a very important and critical issue these days because we are introducing all kinds of items into our homes that connect to the Internet.

From the traditional PCs and laptops, to tablets, smart phones and speakers, and home control devices there are numerous units connecting into our home Wi-Fi and the challenge with all of these various gadgets is what level of security has been built into them. Unfortunately, that varies widely right now.

For PCS and laptops traditional anti-virus should be protecting the device from threats. Hubs that power the wide array of smart devices we use might have security built in just like the stand alone smart home devices/plugs we use to control the lights or our thermostat.

Bottom line is that there is going to be a mix of security being implemented across the spectrum of devices connecting to the Internet from within the walls of our homes and apartments. So how do you protect everything at once no matter its current security status?

That is where a product like Norton Core can step in and begin to secure your home network even if a device does not have its own built in security or can enhance security measure in place on other devices through its monitoring capabilities.

There are several benefits to using Norton Core on your home network to protect all of your devices – not just the ones without any security features:

  • The Norton Core router has a dual core processor so it can handle everything from downloading 4K videos, playing online games, or downloading online content.
  • Norton Core uses a multi-layer approach to security on your network as it looks for malware, viruses, phishing, and botnets. It also employs heuristics to find new activity that is unexpected and could be a security threat.
  • The purchase of Norton Core, retail is $280, includes one year of Norton Core Security Plus software for your Macs, PCs, tablets, smartphones, and smart devices.
  • Norton Core includes parental controls that allow you to allocate screen time to your kids, pause the Internet at bed and meal times, and set content filters to control what ends up on their device.
  • You can also setup Guest Access to your home network for visitors without giving up the password to your network.
  • The router has Ethernet ports for up to three items, a fourth one is used to connect to your ISP’s router, plus there are two USB ports so you can add extra storage to your home network for file sharing across devices.
  • The setup of Norton Core, which is Bluetooth enabled, uses an Android or iOS device along with the Norton Core app to begin protecting your network. It allows you to customize your network and the devices on it to make them easy to recognize when you use the app. You will continue to use the Norton Core app after setup is complete to monitor your network and receive alerts about any security situations that occur.

As you can see, Norton Core brings some very extensive chops to the home security arena and gives you a tremendous amount of flexibility in how you manage your home network.

In the product gallery below, I have several images of Norton Core and what it looks like coming out of the box. The Norton Core router comes in two color choices – Granite Gray as shown below and Titanium Gold.

In addition you will also find the following items in the retail box:

  • Quick Start Guide
  • Cable Management Clip
  • Ethernet Cable
  • Power Adapter

The geodesic shape of the Norton Core router is a nice touch and can look just fine on most any shelf but it must be near your home Internet connection so it can plug into your ISP’s router. Thankfully, the look of the Norton Core will fit into most any décor.

If you are looking for security management to cover 100% of the devices which connect to the Internet within your home then I highly recommend Norton Core. After using this device I can attest it delivers on an increased security profile for your home and protecting your devices, information, and home network should be a top priority for all of us these days.

Heads up – the Norton Core is currently listed at the Best Buy website for just $229.99 – that is a savings of $50 – if you are considering one of these for your home network now is a good time to invest in it.

Norton Core Product Gallery

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