Welcome to Episode 223 of Observed.Tech.

This is show is an abridged version of the podcast because I have been away from my podcasting studio this week while taking a small vacation with my wife as we celebrate 33 years of marriage.

However, since it has been a working vacation that means I have kept an eye on things so we could talk about them and this week, just like the last three shows, a lot of Windows 10 news for PC and Mobile devices plus the Xbox One. All three of these platforms are in the home stretch heading towards the release of the Creators Update which is now looking like it will be come available, at least for PCs, on 11 April 2017. The official release date for the console and mobile devices is not yet known but I expect them to be within a couple of weeks of the PC release date.

For those without a calendar the 11th of April is next month’s Patch Tuesday and will be the first time a feature update has been shipped on the same day as other Windows updates.

As always I have a few interesting tidbits at the end of the show including information about FedEx paying customers to use Adobe Flash in their website, Amazon collecting sales tax in more states, NFL replays now moving to Surface tablets on the sidelines, and Twitter going to a subscription based service for power users.

Enjoy the show and thanks again for listening!

Date Produced: 25 March 2017

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