Observed.Tech PODCAST Episode 219 #OTP

Welcome to Episode 219 of Observed.Tech.

In this week’s show we start off by talking about an out of band security update for Flash on Windows after the normal Patch Tuesday updates were delayed last week however, we also discuss whether another vulnerability will also be patched before next months updates are issued on 14 March 2017.

I share with you my experience in signing up friends to use my Outlook.com premium service for their own unique email address on my custom domain which was a lot easier than getting everything setup in the first place.

We also talk about the slow trickle of Microsoft Edge extensions, a new email search utility for Outlook and Gmail accounts, and how HoloLens is helping a medical technology company design operating rooms for hospitals.

There is plenty to discuss about Windows 10 as well including confirmation of Redstone 3, a lack of new builds over the last two weeks, and concerns about privacy in the EU getting some attention despite the efforts Microsoft has made to be more transparent in this area.

As always there are other tidbits scattered throughout the show including Gmail and Blizzard dropping support for Windows XP and Vista, a new Windows 10 bug tracker for developers, using an Outlook calendar with Alexa, Microsoft’s call for a Digital Geneva Convention, and whether Windows Phone/Mobile is dead.

Enjoy the show and thanks again for listening!

Date Produced: 25 February 2017

Length: 58:19

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2 thoughts on “Observed.Tech PODCAST Episode 219 #OTP

  1. I was listening to your podcast this morning and you mentioned differential sync – I saw a tweet from Mary Jo Foley about this – it is actually defined as, “… differential sync — the ability to sync only the parts of files that had changed, not entire files — as a firm commitment, but with no specific public release target.” Here’s the link to her article. http://www.zdnet.com/article/microsoft-onedrive-to-get-differential-sync-in-q2-2017/
    Enjoyed the podcast, as always!

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