As many of you know, I have been contributing over at the SuperSite for Windows for a year now and it has been a lot of fun and exciting.

One unfortunate side effect of that is content here at has been scarce however, I can add that traffic to the site continues to grow which is tremendous. I am very thankful to all of you who take the time to visit.

I have decided to help connect those of you who visit with the content I am writing over at the SuperSite because it is information I am sure you would be interested in reading. It parallels what I would have been writing here anyway.

So my plan is that on each Saturday I will summarize some of the articles that I wrote over at SuperSite for Windows to give you an insight and links to that work. Just click on the headline to go see the full story over at SuperSite. I will use this weekly post to take an  opportunity each week to point you over to other great content from my fellow contributors at the SuperSite to make sure you get the chance to see it as well.

Without further delay – here is the first edition of the @WinObs SuperSite Weekly.

From me:

From others:

Until next week stay safe out there.