My journey with Microsoft band continues and one of the areas I have been experimenting with is customization options.

Microsoft band itself comes with several choices to make the band uniquely yours by choosing from 12 wallpaper options and 13 color options.

Those default options allow for multiple variations but limits your options in many ways however, there is an app now available that allows you to use any image as your wallpaper and will let you choose any color across the entire spectrum of colors.

Pimp My Band by Fela Ameghino cost just .99 cents in the Windows Phone Store and has quickly climbed to an overall rating of 5 Stars based on 160 reviews.

So using Fela’s app I have put together my first collection of wallpaper images for Microsoft Band and am making them available for download to anyone who wants to use them.  These are already formatted in the perfect image size for Microsoft Band (310 x 102) so no adjustment is needed.

You have two options for downloading the images – either right click and choose Save target as… or download the entire collection using the link below the images.

Here you can see the image itself and what it looks like on Microsoft Band. I used Fela’s Pimp My Band app to get the Band display images to share.


Band Wallpaper Collection from WindowsObserver #1

msbandaircraftreflection wp_ss_20141229_0013
msbandamericanflag wp_ss_20141229_0017
msbandautumnleaves wp_ss_20141229_0002
msbandbeachgrass wp_ss_20141229_0012
msbandbeachshadows wp_ss_20141229_0010
msbandhardrive wp_ss_20141229_0018
msbandlunareclipse1 wp_ss_20141229_0008
msbandninary wp_ss_20141229_0016
msbandpurpleflowers wp_ss_20141229_0004
msbandredrockssedona wp_ss_20141229_0001
msbandstormoverwater wp_ss_20141229_0014
msbandsunsetoverpond wp_ss_20141229_0015
msbandvegetables wp_ss_20141229_0003
msbandwatertreereflection wp_ss_20141229_0006

Download entire wallpaper collection from WindowsObserver