Yes Virginia, there are still some unique benefits to owning one of Microsoft’s Lumia Windows Phone devices and today that perk is the new Gestures Beta released by Microsoft Mobile yesterday.

Although this app does not bring anything to Lumia’s that some other platforms have not already seen, even some past Nokia Lumia’s, it does package them in one app that I suspect will one day be incorporated into the overall Windows Phone experience.

The four gestures that are available after you install this app and reboot your phone, which you will be prompted to do the first time you access the app,  are:

  • Place the phone screen down on any surface to silence an incoming call
  • Raise the phone to your ear to answer a call
  • Place the phone screen up on any surface during a call and switch to speaker mode
  • Place the phone screen down on any surface during  a call to mute the microphone

The app settings are not difficult to manage as it is a single page when you open it up and all you need to do is uncheck the gestures you would prefer not to use.  They are all selected by default after the install and reboot.


So which one of these gestures do you think will be the most useful?

Download the Gestures Beta (Windows Phone 8/8.1)