We live in a time now that many users expect to get services for free. Whether it be apps, software, downloadable content or any other routine services, folks have grown used to getting them for free if possible.

So what if I told you there is a place that you can take your computer and get several services at no cost and it comes from a major computer tech company?

OK, so there is not a Microsoft Store near everyone, but many of you could take advantage of these free services they offer in store.

  • Extended diagnostics on any device
  • Software repair or support
  • Virus and malware removal
  • PC tune-ups for increased performance

According to the Microsoft Store location page there are 109 stores by my count, including 40 specialty stores which are the the small kiosk setup with a limited number of products, across the US and Canada.

If your PC is suffering from poor performance or an infection of the malware/virus variety then there is zero risk involved in taking that machine in to your local Microsoft Store and getting it looked at and possibly fixed.

What a great deal.

Hat tip to Rich Demuro on Twitter (@richdemuro) where I found this tidbit.