It is early in the morning on 01 November 2014 as I sit here on the couch going through my normal routine of reviewing overnight tech news and catching up on activities that people are undertaking on Twitter.

What is different about today is that more buzz is picking up amongst my fellow Microsoft MVP’s, mostly those in Europe and down under, as they make their way to the Pacific Northwest for the upcoming MVP Summit 2014 being hosted by Microsoft in and around their Redmond Campus. I am sure the Twitter travel buzz will pick up in volume quickly as more MVP’s begin their journeys.

Over the course of the next few days more than 1,800 MVP’s will converge from nearly 80 countries to attend presentations from various Microsoft product groups and dialog in person about those products and their respective roadmaps/development cycles.

The vast majority of those discussions are under Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) so you will not see mentions of the information shared on Twitter or other social media channels however, you will find a lot of sharing under the Twitter hashtag #MVPSummit.

What you will find following that hashtag this week is the community element that is a big part of the Microsoft MVP Program.

With MVP’s being spread all over the world this annual summit is the only chance many MVP’s get to see and meet each other in person. I know I am always excited to see old friends and meet new ones and share our tech passions.

A perfect example of this MVP community connection is happening right now in an airport in Europe because of a 7 hour, yes a 7 hour, flight delay.

A large group of European MVP’s started talking about their flight delay on Twitter and quickly organized a meet up where they found food, power, and Wi-Fi in the Schipol Amsterdam Airport.

Now they are talking and sharing their tech experiences as they wait out their unexpected delay.  I even heard some Windows Phone development is happening.

This community is a big reason why I enjoy being an MVP.

See you at Summit.