A couple of days ago I wrote about a significant issue with the archives that TwitPic were providing to users attempting to retrieve the images they had uploaded to the service.

TwitPic will be shutting down on 25 October after a last few attempts at acquisition fell through last week and they were offering users an easy way to go to their profile and request a zipped archive of their pictures.

This was great because after TwitPic’s first announcement about shutting down they were not initially offering an archive and even blocking attempts by a service to provide those archives to users.

What was not so great was requesting this archive from TwitPic and then waiting three days to get it and find that it was completely empty.

As I mentioned in the story two days ago I was not alone.

After posting the story and talking about it on Twitter I received this tweet from another TwitPic user who had solved their empty archive issue:

So yesterday at 1:25 PM I sent an email to support@twitpic.com.

I received a reply from TwitPic at 3:09 PM that an engineer was looking into the issue.

At 6:01 PM I received a notice from TwitPic support that my archive had been fixed and was available for download.

I visited my soon to be inactive TwitPic profile and re-downloaded the 253MB archive and was relieved to find all 1,785 images there waiting for me.

So there is a solution for the empty archives and it can take about 5 hours to resolve although your mileage may vary. If you are having issues with an empty TwitPic archive send an email to their support team before the service shuts down on 25 October 2014.