Earlier today I posted my review of Microsoft’s Miracast compatible display adapter and now I want to show you its companion app that allows you to manage some basic settings on the device.

The adapter, which is scheduled for public availability on 31 October, allows you to project any Miracast capable Windows 8.1 device or Android devices which are version 4.2.1 or higher to an external monitor or projector.

As I wrote in my review of the Wireless Display Adapter it is simple to setup and get running and there are no moving parts on the adapter itself.

However, most electronic devices need firmware to run and that firmware needs to be updated so Microsoft has released a companion app for the Wireless Display Adapter to manage those basic settings.

Screenshot (29)

This app must be installed on the Windows 8.1 device that is using the Wireless Display Adapter in order for it to work properly.

On a side note: How does an app without released hardware to interface with it get reviews already?

Screenshot (23)

When you start up the app will ask permission to use the display adapter.

Screenshot (24)

This is the default screen you will see once the app and display adapter are connected.

Screenshot (25)

First step is to create a password to sign in and out of the adapter settings so you can make changes.

Screenshot (26)

Once you have established a valid password you can rename the device, change the display language and update firmware (if available).

Screenshot (27)

I changed the name to WDA (Wireless Display Adapter) for short.

Screenshot (17)

The app even has tutorials on how to connect/disconnect the adapter and how to pair it with your device.

Screenshot (19)

Screenshot (18)

Download the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter app from the Windows Store.