I currently own two Microsoft Arc Touch mice which I use on my main desktop system running Windows 8.1 and my Podcaster machine running Windows 7.

About 3 years ago I spent a significant amount of time looking for the right ergonomic mouse for my daily use. Like many of you, I spend hours at the computer each day and having the right devices is important from a productivity standpoint but they must also be comfortable to use.

I tried big mice, little mice, trackballs, etc. and none of them worked.

Then Microsoft released the Arc Touch Mouse in 2010 and when I got my hands on one the search was over. The Arc Touch Mouse’s strength is its portability. It collapses flat to turn itself off and slide into your bag for carrying alongside your laptop, Surface, etc. I am sure some ergonomics were looked at during its development but for me that is this devices sweet spot.

It fits my hand well and does not cause me any discomfort no matter how long I use it.

I have been using the Microsoft Sculpt Touch Bluetooth Mouse with my Surface 2 for about a year but it is a smaller mouse form factor than I prefer for both functionality and ergonomics.

For the past week I have been using the newly updated Microsoft Arc Touch Bluetooth Mouse with my Surface 2 and it has not disappointed me. It is as comfortable as my other two Arc mice on my desktop machines and it is just like them in every way except for the Bluetooth connectivity option and the color.

It is quite nice to use an Arc Touch Mouse with my Surface 2 and not have to occupy the one and only USB port with a micro-transceiver.

This mouse comes in a light gray color, very similar to that of my Surface 2’s Vapor Mag case.  It is just like the Surface edition of the mouse except there is no Surface branding on it and the Surface edition is a darker gray.

Some of the features of the Arc Touch Bluetooth Mouse according to Microsoft are:

  • Flexible design: Curved for comfort. Flatten to pack. A perfect fit for your hand and your mobile lifestyle.
  • Power on and off: Pop up to turn on. Flatten to turn off. No button to switch. A green light flashes to show the battery is working, and then turns off to save battery life.
  • Touch to scroll: Swipe. Tap. Flick. Control. Quickly brush up or down with your finger to flick into hyperfast vertical scrolling for smooth, intuitive navigation. Scroll slowly with a gentle swipe or quickly with a flick of the finger, then tap to stop.
  • BlueTrack Technology: Take advantage of BlueTrack Technology, which combines the power of optical with the precision of laser for remarkable tracking on virtually any surface.2
  • Bluetooth smart: Clutter-free and reliable experience that works from up to 30 feet away. Utilizing the latest in Bluetooth 4.0 technology, consuming less power.

For me this one is a keeper and I will be picking one up to become a permanent partner for my Surface 2.





The Microsoft Arc Touch Bluetooth Mouse retails for $69.95 and is already available from the Microsoft Store and other retailers.