So are you wondering who might have moved “your cheese” as you explore and poke around in the Windows 10 Technical Preview which became available yesterday?

Me too.

However, a caveat is necessary as we explore and re-discover where some features have been moved to and that is it could all change again!

This is the nature of testing out preview versions of software in general so the word of the day as you work in Windows 10 Technical Preview is FLEXIBILITY.

The tip for today is how to sign out of the Windows 10 Technical Preview. Seems like an easy thing but this is some cheese that has been moved in this early Windows 10 TP build.

One method of signing out of your logged in user account on Windows 10 TP is to hit CTRL-ALT-DELETE and select Sign out from the menu. Same exact process that exists in Windows 8.1.

In Windows 8.1 you can also click on your user name on the Start Screen and get a pop up menu that gives you options to Change account picture, Lock and Sign out.


However, in the current build of the Windows 10 TP and the new desktop focused interface your user icon has been moved to the top of the Start Menu.


Now by looking at that it is instinctive that you should click on the power button icon to turn the machine off.


As you see above that works and you have the options to Sleep, Shut down and Restart.

What might not be quite as instinctive is to click on the user name/image on the left side of this Start menu entry.


When you do that you now get the options to Change account picture, Lock and Sign out that were available in Windows 8.1.

So the functionality has not changed – it is just in a new location.

Have any Windows 10 Technical Preview tips? Share them in the comments below.