Welcome to Episode 141.

I kick off today with some big news on my end. I was hired earlier this week by PC Pitstop to do Customer Service and Tech Support for them. I am quite excited to be joining this growing company. I also shared with you about receiving my FreedomCase for my Surface 2 and how the AT&T MicroCell has helped improve our mobile phone use around the house.

I also talk about all of this stuff from the tech world as well:

  • Steve Ballmer moving on
  • Rapid release and related issues on Patch Tuesday
  • Windows 8 Lifecycle and Update Support
  • Surface Pro 3 gets Out-of-Band Firmware Update
  • Windows 9
  • Google seeks kid customers
  • Symantec slims down
  • Global Web Access Shifts to Smartphones
  • Windows Stores Only At Best Buy Open in 24 new stores in Chicago
  • OneNote updates Windows Store app gets a big update
  • Tips to unplug on vacation
  • 15 inch tablets
  • PlayStation 4 outsells Xbox One
  • Sony’s Share Play not all it seems
  • Microsoft vs Apple vs Rationality
  • Amazon bullying continues
  • It’s Too Early to Write Off the Third Smartphone Ecosystem
  • How Perception Will Kill Windows Phone
  • Windows Phone: The final review
  • Connecting the world’s developers results in innovative apps
  • Microsoft and UserVoice Feedback Portals
  • Miracast on Windows 8.1
  • No cross platform IE on Android and iOS
  • Selling Windows Phone
  • On the Threshold of the next version of Windows
  • Windows Phone replacing Windows RT
  • Surface Pro 3 Docking Station
  • Mobility has become the new normal
  • Google owned Waze will likely see no more updates on Windows Phone
  • Google’s Music Service inadvertently revealed
  • Twitter experiments with your timeline continue
  • Which email application is right for you between Outlook and Gmail
  • Surface RT plus Azure and Windows Phone security project
  • After 10 years Munich bailing on Linux and heading back to Windows
  • Improved Skype notifications
  • Windows Phone Convert from iPhone and Android
  • Sorry for the ads

Until next time enjoy the show and thanks for listening.

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