Welcome to Episode 139.

Another developer preview update dropped at the beginning of this week and I know many folks opted to jump off that cliff and grab the update. Well I leapt off as well and it is a nice update. My favorite feature is the Live Folders for the Start Screen. It is well implemented and has some of the smoothest animations ever. You can customize them quite a bit but as one Twitter follower mentioned to me – do not over do it because it can slow down your Start Screen. I also reveal that an iPhone 4s in being used in my house!

Here is a snapshot of the other items I discussed the show:

  • Windows Phone 8.1 Update Developer Preview
  • Mobile IE in WP 8.1 update DP
  • Live Folders on WP 8.1 Update DP
  • Some HTC users will not get the WP 8.1 Update DP
  • IE support changing
  • Amazon Prime video credit to slow down shipping
  • Surface Pro 3
  • Surface losses
  • Surface market expansion
  • Money back on in app purchase with Fidesity
  • Office for iPad update
  • NFL apps
  • PhotoMart app for Walmart
  • Microsoft will appeal order to release overseas emails
  • Windows market share updates
  • Two views of recommendations relating to Windows Phone
  • Cortana reminders
  • Microsoft sues Samsung for patent royalties
  • Microsoft’s cloud service predicted to be largest by end of this year
  • Unlock your phones
  • OneDrive for Amazon Fire
  • Patch Tuesday and Windows Updates
  • Windows Threshold aka Windows 9
  • Remote Desktop app update for WP
  • Google creating separate photo service out of Google+
  • Amazon registering domains now
  • Facebook App for WP gets beta features
  • Tweetium for Windows Phone beta update
  • Windows Blog portal overhaul
  • Expose a breach then charge to check
  • Microsoft and iFixit
  • Six Clicks from Ed Bott on Outlook, Word, Excel and OneNote
  • Understanding Steve Ballmer

Until next time enjoy the show and thanks for listening.

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