Last night as I was sitting on my couch, watching a program on my Roku of course, I grabbed my Windows Phone and saw a couple of tweets from Sam Sabri who writes for WP Central that indicated Roku had released an official app for both Windows Phone and Windows.

I immediately jumped on my Surface 2 and Nokia Lumia 1520 and downloaded the apps for my devices.

The apps mimic the familiar Roku interface very well and each is consistent with the other as far as functionality goes. Personally I am a big fan of having a keyboard available if I need to search or provide credentials to a service instead of using the D-pad on the remote.

Welcome to the Windows world Roku!

Roku App for Windows Phone 8/8.1

wp_ss_20140626_0005The default remote interface that comes up when you start the app. wp_ss_20140626_0006A handy on screen keyboard for when you want to search your Roku or provide log in credentials to a service.
wp_ss_20140626_0007Your channel listing. wp_ss_20140626_0003You must be connected to the same network as your Roku to connect.

Roku App for Windows 8.1

Screenshot (154)

The default screen when you start the app.

Screenshot (156)

The Roku device selection page. Just like the Windows Phone app you must be on the same network with your Roku to connect.

Screenshot (153)