I have written before (here and here) about the pervasive tech support scam where a user gets a call on their home or mobile phone which claims to be from Microsoft. They state your Windows install has reported to them (Microsoft) that your PC is infected, having problems, etc.

It is well established that Microsoft does not proactively call you individually when your computer has a virus, malware, or any performance or hardware problem.

Well now it seems that phishing tactic has taken on a new look and I have been called on both my home and personal phone for it in the last 30 days.

In two phone calls spaced 30 days apart, both from the same number, I was asked to talk about the DVLUP program and provide some feedback.

If you are not familiar with it the DVLUP program gives developers access to App Challenges, news, events, partner opportunities and more. Developers can earn points to redeem for Rewards, including promotional placements for their Apps. It is a terrific incentive program for developers.

Well it seems this new scam maybe using the DVLUP name to get you to reveal information to them of a personal nature.

The first time I got the call from Maddie it went to my phone’s voicemail and I did return the phone call however, I never got a return call.

Then today the same number came in on my home phone and I was able to answer the phone.

The caller, it was Maddie once again, had a clear voice with no accent and asked me if I had a few minutes to talk about the DVLUP program.  Before I jumped into the conversation I asked how she could verify for me that she was from Microsoft/Nokia/DVLUP and before I could finish my sentence guess what happened?

The line went dead.

This is nearly the same exact response you get when the Microsoft Tech Support scam calls and you challenge their validity. I must admit they do stay and try to convince you a little more that they are for real but eventually they abandon a lost cause.

I have been able to search and find that the phone number used for both of these calls, it was the same one, is associated with the Microsoft Tech Support scam.

I reached out to the official @DVLUP Twitter account to share this information and provided them the name and the phone number the calls came in on. They are researching this with some additional information from me and I will let you know what I hear back.

Until then please be careful out there because you never know what angle someone will take to try and phish for your personal data.