My favorite and now only Twitter app on Windows 8.1 just brought me the one feature I have been anxiously waiting for.

This release also means the official Twitter app for Windows 8.1 finally gets uninstalled.

You see I was keeping that app around for the push notifications while I used Tweetium App for Windows. It was the one saving feature of the official Twitter app to be honest.

However, with this afternoon’s release of Tweetium 2.4 I no longer need it and that is because subscribers to Tweetium Pro will now have push notifications on their systems.

According to the Tweetium App release history page the push notifications were not the only updates for Tweetium Pro and standard users:

  • Push notifications (beta) for Pro users!
  • Increased multiple account limit to 7 accounts for Pro users
  • Improved URL recognition to match Twitter’s implementation, so tweet character counts should always be correct now
  • Changing accounts now properly saves the last read state of the current view before switching
  • Improved DM conversation interactions in vertical mode

This release makes for five releases in the month of March and 28 total since the app was released on 19 December 2013.

Brandon Paddock, aka @BrandonLive, the developer behind the growing Twitter client always seems to be working his app and the number of updates we have seen prove just that.

So the big question is will you subscribe to Tweetium Pro option to get the push notifications and additional accounts or stick with the $2.99 purchased version?

Let us know in the comments what you are going to do.

Download: Tweetium from the Windows Store and read more about Tweetium Pro.