Paul Thurrott of the Windows Supersite wrote what I would call a blistering evaluation of the state of Microsoft’s consumer versions of Windows and it has garnered a lot of attention and discussion.

I have never shied away from the fact that I like Windows 8/8.1. I find it dynamic and very productive on both touch and non-touch systems.   There is most certainly a learning curve to adapt to the tiled Start Screen interface and using Modern Apps. You also have to forget how you used previous versions of Windows when it comes to how you put apps to use.

For instance, it is hard to not want to close a Modern App right after using it and remove the app from system memory. However, Windows 8/8.1 was made to handle those inactive apps so they take up minimal memory and resources but open back up quickly the next time you start them up.

The other thing is many believed the desktop was abandoned but it is still there with its full capabilities and is familiar to users of the previous versions of Windows.  You should see the reaction people have when I show them this in my job as a Best Buy Microsoft Consultant – they are genuinely surprised. Everything they have read or seen is about the Start Screen with none to little mention about the familiar desktop.

Now the changes we are seeing coming in Windows 8.1 Update 1 will help those who want a more familiar interaction with the tiled interface by introducing a Boot to Desktop option and context menu’s on the tiles instead of App Bars.

Will this save Windows 8/8.1?

Not likely, in my opinion, because that obituary was written well before Windows 8 ever hit the market in October of 2012.

So do you think Microsoft is heading in the right direction with Windows or do they need to pull a Vista and start all over towards Windows 9?

Is Microsoft heading in the right direction with Windows?

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  • Yes (24%, 408 Votes)
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