My favorite RSS reader just continues to get better with each update.

I have talked about using Nextgen Reader many times on the site and my podcast. It plays a significant role in how I curate links that are shared on my Twitter account as well.

It was also one of the early partners with Feedly as Google shut down its own RSS reader service and they continue to create connections with other services to improve the apps sharing abilities.

Today the folks at Next Matters, Nextgen Reader’s developers, have added Buffer support so you can send links straight to your Buffer queue from the app itself.

Here is a list of all the updates in version 2.1 that just became available in the Windows Store:

Version 2.1 changes:

  • New: Option to override dates and times format according to your region.
  • New: Share full article to OneNote, Evernote, Mail app, etc.
  • New: Buffer support via share charm (see for more details).
  • New: Keyboard shortcuts – F: full article, W: webpage, U: copy url.
  • New: Option to disable keyboard shortcuts permanently.
  • Improved: Show large images on secondary feed live tiles.
  • Fixed: Large tile notifications.
  • Fixed: Load summary when unable to download full article.
  • Fixed: Syncing errors and performance improvements.


Screenshot (287)

I love apps that highlight the changes in their most recent update when you start up the app for the first time after updating.

Screenshot (288)

The Account options with the addition of Buffer.

Screenshot (289)

Buffer successfully validated and added as an option in the app.

Screenshot (290)

Share options from the system Share Charm which include Nextgen Reader to Buffer entry.

Screenshot (291)

The sharing pane for sending articles to Buffer and any other accounts you have connected in Buffer. Shares can be sent immediately, buffered or scheduled at a custom time.