A new preview site has popped up at https://preview.onedrive.com/ that indicates an even better place to store and share your favorite things across all of your favorite devices. OneDrive is everything you love about SkyDrive and more. And it’s coming soon.


There is also a link to a blog on the preview page, http://blog.onedrive.com/, and if you visit it the header has been updated to reflect the new name and is full of past SkyDrive related posts.

You may recall the rebranding of Microsoft’s SkyDrive has been coming for a while after they lost a challenge by Britain’s Sky network concerning the use of the term Sky.

I am betting this is coming much sooner rather than later. Most likely in the Windows 8.1 Update 1 that is rumoured to be due out in March of this year.

Embedded on the preview page is also a short introductory video to the re-branded service:

What do you think? Do you like the new name?

Personally, I do as it fits the scheme Microsoft wants across all of its devices and it is in sync with the concept of One Microsoft as well.

Source: Windows IT Pro