They say a developer is never done with their code and always want to add one more feature or tweak and that is exactly what Brandon Paddock of B-Side Software has done with the latest update to his increasingly popular Tweetium App for Windows.

OK – so maybe it was more than one feature that has been added in this update:

  • Tweetium is now a Share target for links, text, and pictures
  • Mute users from their profile page or by invoking the context menu on a tweet author’s screen name
  • Mute hashtags for one day from their context menu
  • A new indicator shows you where you left off last time you looked at a view
  • New option to disable image embedding in the main view
  • Expanded threads in portrait mode now scroll to the primary tweet
  • Threads expanded in portrait mode now cap their height and use a subscroller
  • Many new and refined scrolling animations
  • Pressing enter now submits a tweet or message
  • Sharing a tweet now also shares embedded images
  • Improved thumbnail scaling for image upload preview
  • Improved connection and authentication error handling, particularly for cases where the PC’s clock is set incorrectly
  • Deleting a list from Twitter while it is pinned no longer leaves it stuck pinned
  • Orphaned pinned list tabs are cleaned up on next run
  • Solved a graphical glitch where an out of place gray pixel would appear on recent tweets
  • RT’ing something no longer adds your RT to the Timeline view
  • Improvements to Instagram and Vine embedding
  • Improved DM streaming and refresh behavior
  • Fixes to DM conversation scroll position when unsnapping
  • Opening a tab in a new window now scopes the new window correctly when working offline
  • Opening a tab in a new window now marks it as read for all windows

One cautionary word though about the implementation of the Share Charm – there is a bug in the Photos and SkyDrive Apps that cause an error when you try to share an image from them to Tweetium.


Brandon has more info at his Tweetium Support site.

Known issues (version 1.3 for Windows 8/RT)

  • Sharing photos from the Photos and SkyDrive app does not work. There is is a bug with those apps which Microsoft has acknowledged. While we await an update for those apps, workarounds are:
    • Use the photo upload button in Tweetium to select your photo.
    • Select the “Share a screenshot” option from the Share charm’s drop-down menu.

Despite the curve ball thrown by the built in apps for Windows 8 the development of Tweetium continues an the fast track.

Rod Trent, the Community Manager for myITforum and WindowsITPro, wrote up a great article about why Tweetium will (eventually) be the Best Twitter Client for Windows 8 which is a must read.

Tweetium is gaining in popularity and functionality which is a draw for many Windows 8/8.1 users because the official Twitter app is very lacking and other popular 3rd party apps have seen their own demise due to their popularity.

So you see that same popularity is a double edged sword for Tweetium as well.

I am not sure how it will all play out but I am glad to have a great “Mod” app for Twitter on all my Windows devices.