The folks over at Buffer have just announced a new version of their social media sharing service focused on small, medium and large businesses.

In a blog post titled Introducing Buffer for Business: A simpler and more powerful Social Media tool the company describes all of the features that will enhance a companies ability to easily manage and share content through social media channels.

Buffer explains why they built Buffer for Business:

Over the last year or so, we’ve tried a large number of experiments here at Buffer. Essentially, we wanted to figure out, whether we should steer the company and the product more towards the consumer and how that could work. So we did a number of integrations with amazing partners, such as Feedly, Echofon and a large number of others. At the same time of pushing for the consumer side, we also gauged a more business focused route, with tons of incredible feedback that you and many other Buffer customers provided to us. As a result of that, in July we soft-launched a very early Buffer for Business product to just a few select users. The reception to this has been amazing and within just a few months, Buffer for Business generated more than 10% of our total revenue. With lots of demand, more awesome feedback and requests to build out the Business side of Buffer further, we decided to put a lot of our resources towards it in the last few months.

The new service is scaled depending on the size of your business and how many team members you want to be able to have work social media content.

  • Small Business – 25 social accounts and 5 team members
  • Medium Business – 50 social accounts and 10 team members
  • Large Business – 150 social accounts and 25 team members

Key features include:

  • Detailed analytics, with comparison features, sorting and aggregated stats
  • Team collaboration, with approval features, admin rights and more team members
  • Exporting, grab all your data anytime and add them to your reports with the click of a button

All of the standard Buffer features that you are already familiar with if you use the service are still there:

  • Custom scheduling
  • Support for Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin
  • Browser extensions for Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari
  • Mobile apps for iPhone and Android

Check out the entire post for a review on how the management system works. Personally it seems similar to Hootsuite with managers and contributors who work together to produce, schedule and approve what goes out on your companies social media channels.

Of course this is not only a service for businesses but a business for Buffer themselves. The monthly cost of Buffer for Business breaks down like this:

  • Small – $50 per month
  • Medium – $100 per month
  • Large – $250 per month