This month OneNote is celebrating its 10th year of existence.

I am only a recent daily user of OneNote myself as I just started back in March of this year using the program as a real tool with the Observed Tech PODCAST.

Prior to Episode 82 of the show I used to print out physical copies of the stories and items I planned to talk about. Typically that meant printing out anywhere between 35 and 50 pages of stuff.

During the 2013 MVP Summit back in February of this year one of the sessions I sat in on was all about OneNote and I took a lot from that session. I walked away from that with a mindset to shift my notes and everything related to Observed Tech over to OneNote and make it a paperless podcast.

I am happy to say that has been a great success and in the course of using OneNote for these last 29 episodes of the podcast I have saved myself the wear and tear on my printer for over 1400 pages of printed items.

OneNote allows me to access my information on any device I have access to including my Windows Phone, Microsoft Surface, my desktop machines and of course a PC with a web browser.  When an idea comes to me I do not have to wait to make sure I enter a note about it as I have access at anytime.

Recently Observed Tech became a co-hosted show and the guy who co-hosts with me, Mauro Huculak from, lives in New York and so we are several hundred miles apart. However, with a shared OneNote notebook and SkyDrive we are able to completely coordinate before our recording sessions.

It really is a terrific tool for collaboration. You can read more about my OneNote transition for the podcast here – Using Microsoft OneNote 2013 to go Paperless.

Over on the Office News Blog the OneNote team has posted about the last 10 years and are highlighting three different scenarios for putting OneNote to use including three short videos.