If you are an IT Pro and want a good overview of Windows 8.1 then this free 11 chapter, 139 page eBook is just for you.

Actually, that may be the focus of the book but this book has some great information in it for anyone wanting to learn more about Windows 8.1.

This Microsoft Press book is written by Ed Bott.  Anyone remotely connected to the happenings around Microsoft already know who Ed is and understand he gets the ecosystem and the OS.

Then there is his credentials of having already authored over 25 books on Microsoft Windows and Office and of course his recent work over at ZD Net on The Ed Bott Report.

A quick outline of this book shows that it is a solid look at the Windows 8.1 update that is due out later this week:

  • Chapter 1: An overview of Windows 8.1
  • Chapter 2: The Windows 8.1 user experience
  • Chapter 3: Deploying Windows 8.1
  • Chapter 4: Security in Windows 8.1
  • Chapter 5: Internet Explorer 11
  • Chapter 6: Delivering Windows Store apps
  • Chapter 7: Recovery options in Windows 8.1
  • Chapter 8: Windows 8.1 and networks
  • Chapter 9: Virtualization in Windows 8.1
  • Chapter 10: Windows RT 8.1
  • Chapter 11: managing mobile devices


Ed states in the intro of the book that this is just an introduction and overview with a focus on what is new in Windows 8.1.

His recommendation for more in depth information is to visit the Springboard Series at www.microsoft.com/springboard.

Source: Microsoft Press Blog

Download: Introducing Windows 8.1 for IT Professionals (PDF)