The next version of Internet Explorer, IE11 which is already built into Windows 8.1 RTM, has an updated preview for those of you on Windows 7.

If you are on Windows Vista or XP then this is not the web browser you are looking for.

Word of the updated preview for Windows 7 came on the official IE Blog earlier today and touts an increase in speed of 30% over other browsers.

The post from the IE team highlights several areas they believe this latest version of Internet Explorer tops the competition:

  • A Faster Web Experience – Performance matters to everyone who browses the Web. The IE11 Release Preview for Windows 7 includes additional performance tuning so that real-world sites download and display fast and are highly responsive and interactive.
  • Even More Web Standards and Increased Compatibility with Existing Web Sites – IE11 Release Preview for Windows 7 includes updates to reflect the latest emerging Web standards.
  • Faster, More Efficient Developer Tools Productivity, Based on Your Feedback – IE11 includes a completely re-designed and enhanced suite of in-browser F12 developer tools. These tools help Web developers diagnose and optimize their apps quickly and efficiently. Having fast and reliable Web apps is more critical than ever.
  • A Better Web Today, and Ahead – IE11 provides the best Web experience across the full range of Windows devices and screen sizes with mouse, keyboard, and especially touch.

If you are already running Windows 8.1 RTM from MSDN or TechNet then you are already using the latest IE11 version.  For those on Windows 7 you have a few options for grabbing this updated preview and other information about it.

Interestingly there is no IE11 Preview for Windows 8 systems for some reason. The Windows 8 RTM has IE10 integrated in the OS.