Hard to believe we are already 1/3rd of the way through September.  Here are a few news worthy stories that popped up over the weekend to get you started on this Monday morning.

Microsoft expands Xbox Music to iOS, Android, web (GeekWire) – Just as they have done with other services Microsoft is now bringing their Xbox Music offering to other platforms.  Someone who wants to try out and use Xbox Music can now do so from their iOS and Android devices as well as via the web.  Microsoft also detailed some of the updates that Windows 8 users will see in the Xbox Music app when Windows 8.1 is released next month.  I just wish other service companies would be so aggressive in making their offerings available to cross platforms, especially to the Windows Store and Windows Phone platforms, like Microsoft has done with theirs.

96% of US schools facing huge cost of Windows XP upgrades (Avast! Blog) – Another tech company is offering a band aid for those organizations that are facing the Windows XP support deadline in April 2014. This time it is Avast! and they are offering a free program to patch Windows XP systems after official support is over. This program specifically targets school systems, which are already struggling with costs and budget challenges, with something for free to supposedly help alleviate those costs. When a security breach occurs because companies are just trying to get by without doing the right thing and upgrading their Windows XP systems who gets to shoulder the blame/accountability?

Windows Phone GDR2 Update frozen in time (Nokia) – it has now been over three weeks since Nokia announced the green light for the GDR2 update to start rolling out to Windows Phone users but a quick check of the Nokia Lumia Software update support page for North America shows that all Lumia handsets on AT&T (620, 820 and 920) are still waiting for approval to receive the update. All other US carriers have pushed the update out so the question is when do AT&T users finally get to see it?

Have a great week everyone!