It was officially confirmed back in late July that a full size Microsoft Store was coming to Jacksonville at the St. John’s Town Center however, since then there has not been much new about the store.

A check of the official Microsoft Store Facebook page reveals there is nothing new in the way of a possible opening date or any other grand opening info.

Late yesterday I was out in the vicinity of the store’s location and decided to drive by to see if there was any new signage that would indicate when the store might be opening.  Although there was no indications of any future dates there was no longer just a plain white facade covering up the store location while it is being built.



The store on its left is Urban Outfitters and to the right under the awning is where the new Athleta store will be.

My guess is that we are still at least 2 months away from a grand opening purely because it has not been announced on the Microsoft Store Facebook page where they have typically put out a date about 2 months in advance for other store openings.

I would imagine though that we should see this store open before the holiday shopping season which would make a lot of sense as the St. Johns Town Center is a massive retail area that a lot of shoppers frequent.

From everyone I talk to folks are excited about the store coming to town and are looking forward to its grand opening.