It is always nice to see the big names come to Windows Phone with their apps and today NASCAR joins that growing list.

As you poke around in the app you do eventually learn that its greatest functionality comes when used on the Sprint Network, which is a major partner with NASCAR, so some of the functionality is only available to Sprint subscribers with Windows Phone.

That of course means the HTC 8XT, which is currently available, or the Samsung ATIV S Neo from Samsung which is Coming Soon according to Sprint’s Windows Phone page.

However, that still leaves 90% of the app available to every Windows Phone user to keep up with their NASCAR news.

Here is a pace lap around the app:

Individual drivers can be pinned to the Start Screen.
Those pinned driver tiles and the main app tile are all Live Tiles of course.
The first page you see upon entering the app is the most recent race results.
There is a page with current news stories.
The NASCAR Standings are also provided.
Videos from every area of NASCAR including footage from the most recent race.
A list of all the NASCAR drivers.
Tapping on a driver brings up their details page including where they stand and some personal information such as the model of car they drive and even their birthday.
Your standard About page but also a link to the upcoming race schedule.
This is the one area that you will not get to use unless you are a Sprint subscriber.  Maybe NASCAR should charge a small subscription fee to fans on other carriers.

You can grab NASCAR MOBILE ’13 from the Windows Phone Store.