This was not your typical quiet weekend and social media was very active with what happened out at the San Francisco International Airport on Saturday.  My thoughts and prayers are with those lost and injured on Asiana Flight 214 along with their families and friends.

It showed once again that Twitter can be very quick at breaking news, beating out main stream media easily, but shortly after that it can breed inaccuracies and rumors.  A lot of care has to be taken at that point by all concerned.

With that said here are a few other tech related stories that surfaced over the weekend: now supports panorama viewing – you can try it out now! – If you are on Windows 8.1 you may have noticed the update Camera App has a panorama feature that lets you take huge photos of your surroundings or view. If you upload that picture to SkyDrive and access it via the web you will find that SkyDrive now has a built in viewer for these panoramic photos. (Liveside)

Microsoft Quietly Shuts Down MSN TV, Once Known as WebTV – You are probably reacting like many did on Twitter when I shared this link – surprised that this service was still active and out there.  According to the email to subscribers it will shut down in September. (All Things D)

Xbox Live Public Beta for 2013 Dashboard Update – This beta sign up was opened up Friday and within about 24 hours it was full. This is very similar to past dashboard beta’s so no huge surprise there. It also would not surprise me to see other windows open up to allow more users to get in the beta.  Microsoft is pushing the NDA heavily this year, as they did in years past, but something tells me this one may see more enforcement than in the past. (WindowsObserver)