So you didn’t get the chance to attend the big geek fest known as TechEd this past week in New Orleans huh?

Well don’t fret as the next best thing to being there is now at your disposal – recordings of the various presentations over the four day event.

You will find the TechEd North America content over on Channel 9 and you can filter your search for sessions on many different levels to find just what you are looking for or browse the entire selection.

Even the pre-conference content is available and you did not have to pay, fly or deal with any of the challenges of a road trip.

Of course, you also did not get the awesome Surface Pro and Surface RT deal that attendees got or the cool backpack but all of the learning is ready for you to watch in the comfort of your own home or office.

Now if you were in New Orleans for TechEd NA 2013 then you can also view the recorded sessions and clean up your notes or refresh your memory as necessary.

Maybe even watch them on those new Surface devices – enjoy!