Last week we saw the first updates to Microsoft’s collection of dynamically updated Windows wallpaper themes in quite a while and this week the updates continue.

Not only do five themes get updated but one of them, the Flora theme, gets a massive update with 27 new images. It would seem flowers is a very popular subject of photographers out there.

Aqua Dynamic

Overcast sunset, Cupertino Park, Bay View, Wisconsin, U.S.Early morning at Lake Louise, Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada
Twig in iceGreifensee, Zurich, Switzerland

Fauna Dynamic

Doe and fawn

Terra Dynamic

Wall and field, CyprusAlbany Wind Farm, Western Australia

Insects Dynamic

Bee on flowerBee in sunflower

Flora Dynamic

Roadside thistlesPink flowers
Red flowerDandelion in seed
MossCoconut Palm Buds
Peach blossomJasmine blossoms
Pink cloverSnowy wheat
PansyLeaf with droplets
CactiPurple flowers
Autumn leavesTropical leaves, Thailand
चरपरी तेज़ लाल मिर्च Red Hot Chili Pepper, Kerala, IndiaListy
Hibiscus flower in two colorsIrises
Purple Passion Flower (Passiflora incarnata)Orange and yellow Pom Pon Dahlia
Juniper berries, Point Au Roche, Plattsburgh, New YorkSlunečnice
Autumn Leaves, Hanau, GermanyRed tulips
Orange flowers

It is good to see the updates really flowing on these dynamic themes from Microsoft.