In a story yesterday on Polygon Phil Harrison, the Corporate VP of Microsoft’s Interactive Business, confirmed that a single Xbox Live Gold subscription will be accessible to all users on a single console.

This information came out when Polygon asked in an interview with Harrison about current Xbox Live Gold subscriptions also working on the upcoming Xbox One which he also confirmed to be the case.

Remember back in early March of this year it was discovered that Microsoft had quietly pulled the popular Family Gold subscription option for their Xbox Live service?

That $99 option was intended to allow up to four family members to share a single Xbox Live Gold subscription. However, it was rife for abuse as any Gamertag could be entered as an authorized account and that account did not necessarily have to be in use under the same roof.

With this development of a subscription working for all accounts on a single console it actually allows the concept of a family subscription to be employed. All the users would be on the same console and under the same roof.

And since it was confirmed that Xbox Live Gold subscriptions would work across Xbox 360 and the upcoming Xbox One that could possibly mean that once a Gamertag is labeled as a gold subscription on an authorized console that status would move with the Gamertag to other consoles.

Is this the concession that everyone is looking for relating to the cost of the annual Xbox Live subscription to access special features and multi-player gaming?