My wife’s garden gets photographed a lot so that she can share her hard work with family and friends around the world.  Many of those pictures have become the subject of Windows themes as well over the years and these photos are no exception.  Well except that they are the first HDR or High Dynamic Range images I have uploaded for a theme.

HDR is an imaging technique that allows you to really highlight the differences between the dark and light areas of an image. I do this on my camera, a Nikon D5100, by capturing three images at slightly different exposures and then using software to merge those photos together.

The resulting images tend to really pop out and show details that are usually missed in a normal exposure of the same scene.

So here are three HDR images I took yesterday in my wife’s garden and they really do make for a great theme for your computer system.

As always below the thumbnails you will find links to download just the wallpapers themselves as well as a Windows 7 Themepack or Windows 8 DeskThemepack.

Garden Fountain Corner Painterly 4 HDR
Corner Garden Painterly 4 HDRSt. Francis Painterly 4 HDR

Download Garden HDR Images Theme (Wallpaper)

Download Garden HDR Images Theme (Windows 7 Themepack)

Download Garden HDR Images Theme (Windows 8 DeskThemepack)

Note: A Windows 7 Themepack will work on Windows 8 but a Windows 8 DeskThemepack is not backwards compatible with Windows 7.  Of course the wallpapers will work on any computer system.